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Our Mission - To be the Ship Owner's chosen Human Resource Manager of Philippine Seafarers

Our Core Values
  • Honest and Dedicated service
  • Cost efficiency and Added Value
  • Foster hard work and loyalty to our Employers
  • Promote Well-being of Seafarers and their Families
  • Commitment to health, safety and protection of the environment
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous development and improvement


Nine years after it was founded, Southfield is recognized by P.O.E.A as Top Performer in the Philippine Manning Industry in 2002. The award is given every three years and for the second consecutive time, Southfield was again awarded as POEA Top Performer in 2005
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Company Commitment to Quality - The essence of Quality is to meet and exceed our Clients needs and expectations through excellence in service.

Excellence in service has its roots in honesty, dedication, efficiency and enhancing value. These values are communicated to our seafarers and our staff in our pursuit of quality.

HSE Policy - The Promotion of Health and Safe working practices is a Fundamental Objective of Human Resource Management. Health and safety are non-negotiable.

Protection of the environment is both the company and individual's responsibility. Government and International environmental regulations are enforced and observed. Cleanliness is encouraged, recognized and awarded.

Training and Education Policy - The company is committed to continuous improvement through Training and Education. The Southfield Maritime Training Foundation Inc. was formed for this purpose. The focus of the Foundation is on :

  • Knowledge and Competence development in accordance with STCW
  • Communication skills development
  • Values formation - safety culture, loyalty to employer and hard work
  • Seafarer Career Development