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A Manning Company founded by Shipowners… For Shipowners

In 1993 Southfield Agencies, Inc. was formed by the shipowning groups Southwest Maritime Corporation and Patt Manfield Co., Ltd. as an in-house center for seafarer resource development to complement the main business of operating their respective fleets. The priority at that time was to develop a pool of professional seafarers, who understood the needs of the owners amidst the growing complexity in the world of shipping. The owners understood that the key to a successful long-term operation of their ships was to recruit and develop good quality officers and ratings who would be employed on a long-term basis.

Today, the fleets of the owners have grown and the seafarers who have joined the company through the years have risen from the ranks. Mutual trust and commitment to shared goals are the main reasons for success.

Since then, Southfield has attracted a select number of highly reputable shipping organizations to provide Filipino officers and ratings with the same philosophy and dedication to properly serve its Principals.

Southfield Agencies, Inc. - Your seafarer resource development company.