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Customer satisfaction begins with an understanding of their needs and clearly defining the services and processes needed. Contracts are reviewed at the outset and on a periodical basis.

Seafarer qualifications are defined by our Principals, and our candidates are evaluated through a rigid screening process that includes background checks, technical examinations through computerized tests using our data bank of US Coast Guard and STCW questions, and personal interviews.

Pre-employment Medical Screening is administered to all joining seafarers, with standards set forth by the leading P&I Clubs.

Southfield maintains an on-line data bank of crew 201 files, including copies of their licenses and certificates. This service is available to all our Principals.

We develop a dedicated pool of seafarers to each Principal's fleet, and schedule their deployment on a rotation basis. The Principal is therefore assured that the same set of crew keep coming back to his fleet to ensure continuity of employment, higher productivity and career progression.

Our Crew Payroll system is computerized and on-line, ensuring prompt and accurate payment of salaries.


Services We Provide

  • Recruitment - Intensive interview and examination procedures to ensure recruitment of competent seafarers
  • Re-Employment Medical Screening - Our seafarers undergo stringent pre-employment medical examinations only with top clinics accredited by the P&I Clubs
  • Seafarer Roster Management - Efficient rotation programs to foster loyalty, discipline and career development
  • Documentation - In accordance with STCW requirements
  • Training - The Southfield Maritime Training Foundation has an array of programs
  • Payroll Services - Honest and prompt to maintain crew morale and client confidence
  • Superintendency - We provide experienced Masters and Chief Engineers who have been trained as marine superintendents
  • Cadet Training Program - Top graduates from maritime universities are recruited and trained as part of Southfield’s long-term development of its pool of officers and engineers.
  • Alliances
    • Information Technology - Ship Business Software
    • Legal Services