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May 16, 2002 marked the inauguration of Southfield Maritime Training Foundation, Inc. (SMTFI) once a department of Southfield Agencies, Inc, the Foundation offers a range of STCW and in-house courses to suit the individual needs of the seafarer.

In February 18, 2005 SMTFI opened its Marine Engineering Annex donated by Hyundai Merchant Marine. The Annex includes: Lab Volt Electromechanical Training System, Lab Volt Hydraulics Training System, Lab Volt Pneumatics Training System, Lab Volt Flow, Level and Pressure Process System, Lab Volt Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Heating Training System and Computer Laboratory.

SMTFI is licensed by the Maritime Training Council, Maritime Industry Authority and the Swedish Club.

SOUTHFIELD is dedicated to constantly improving the quality of its pool of officers and crew. This is an on-going commitment that requires systematic and sustained effort from the manning company, the ship manager and the seafarers.


  • Our cadet program begins this process by carefully selecting candidates from the large pool of maritime university graduates.
  • After a series of interviews and testing, successful applicants follow a program modeled on the I.M.O. course which includes both shore and shipboard training.
  • Southfield tailor-fits cadet programs that meet the specific needs of each Principal.
  • Since 1995, we have produced 109 deck and engine officers.
  • Ten of our pioneering cadets are currently employed as chief officers and first engineers, and two are due for promotion to Master in 2006.