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Every professional shipping organization knows why the Filipino remains the seafarer of choice – hard-working, loyal and English-speaking.

At Southfield, we strive to bring out the best of these qualities in our seafarers to serve you better. We communicate to them your specific needs and motivate them to work at the highest levels of professionalism.

We bridge the gap between a foreign owner and a Filipino seafarer by clearly defining job expectations and promoting a better understanding of cultures.

We provide personalized attention to each of our Principals, assigning a dedicated team to look after their needs and ensuring them that Southfield’s top management is at their service at all times.

We take a look at each seafarer’s career progression and endeavor to provide him with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become even more productive. We accord counseling to his family and ensure that their needs are addressed so he can focus on his job at sea.

We adopt a holistic view on seafarer development by providing training that enhances technical skills, communication ability and safe working practices founded on behavioural training. Our Training Foundation has an array of lecture type and computer simulation based programs that offer courses over and above STCW requirements.

We invest time and effort at recruiting top graduates from select maritime universities for the Cadet Training Program. This has proven to be a valuable source for long-term officer development.

We continue to find ways of improving on the efficiency of service delivery by harnessing the latest advances in information technology and the internet. In an ever-increasing regulatory environment, we recognize the need to have seafarer credentials readily available to Principals for demonstration of compliance with various authorities.